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Information on ground source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps - what are they?

Ground source heat pumps are a means of providing cheaper, greener year-round heating.

The pumps extract low grade heat from the ground via heat exchangers, compress it into high grade heat and deliver it to your property's heating system.


Ground source heat pumps - how do they work?

A ground source heat pump uses heat exchangers to extract heat from the ground and convert it into useful energy.

The heat exchanger consists of a series of long loops of plastic pipe that are filled with an antifreeze fluid and installed into boreholes.

Ground source heat pumps - myth busting

A popular misconception is that ground source heat pumps collect geothermal energy from the Earth's core.

In actual fact they, like most other forms of renewable energy, collect solar energy from the outermost regions of the Earth's crust.

Ground source heat pumps - what then?

An antifreeze fluid is pumped into the ground loops, causing the fluid to increase in temperature.

The fluid passes over heat exchangers multiple times, causing heat to rise before being fed into the central heating system in the property.

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